Bold, Brilliant Pieces
For High-End Fashion

Looking for that perfect accent to any outfit... or a bold yet delicate statement piece to bring it all together? Then you've scrolled onto the right place! Keep scrolling to see how we build high-quality, beautiful Gemaldi Crystal Jewelry.

This might seem strange, but do you know what the story of the 3 Little Pigs has to do with gorgeous 5A grade Gemandi Crystals? Well... THIS:


Little Pig #1 - This little pig is very lazy. So lazy he builds his house of straw and, naturally, the big bad wolf blows his house down.


  • This is just like cheap-o jewelry that looks ok and is priced super low. But these rings and necklaces turn fingers and necklines green because it's not real, unlike Gemandi.


Little Pig #2 - This little pig is lazy, but not like the other pig. He builds his house out of sticks. It's a dainty material and a lot of tedious work. But still, the big bad wolf blows that house down too.


  • This is like super expensive jewelry. It won't turn your hand or neck green but it might make you nauseated at the sight of a drained bank account. Plus, they're not very durable.


Little Pig #3 - Everyone's favorite! He builds his house out of quality bricks. His house not only looks better, but the big bad wolf ain't blowing that house down any time soon!


  • THAT'S Gemandi! We provide affordable, durable crystals that are beautifully created for women just like you.


Other Jewelers may huff and puff, but no one's blowing US down when it comes to high-quality, affordable jewelry. With this beauty, you won't be a pig or a wolf -- you'll be a stone-cold FOX!

So, How
Do We Do It?

At Gemandi, we believe every woman should adorn themselves with beautiful, delicate jewelry from head to toe.

Every ring, necklace, and earring is designed with strong, dazzling women in mind. We always make our jewelry with high-quality gemstones crafted by the best stone cutters around! And it only LOOKS expensive... because we've perfected the recipes for beautiful creations at an affordable price:

We start with a unique design... add a sprinkle of sparkle... throw in a dash of trendy colored crystals... and have each piece hand-dipped 3x in 14K black gold...

Every woman deserves beautiful, delicate, and durable jewelry at an affordable price. So, tap below to adorn your hands and neck with the perfect accent to any outfit -- Gemandi!

Heat Up Your
Look This Winter

Our winter best sellers won't last long -- in fact, they sold out in just 4 days last time! Get ready to run your Empire or make a Regal entrance everywhere you go... just tap below to find the perfect ring or necklace to make your statement. And when others ask, let them in on the secret: Gemandi provides only the highest-quality jewelry, but without the expensive price tag.