The Crystal

Gemandi Crystals: 5A grade cubic zirconia cut by elite jewelers themselves

Swarovski Crystals: The brand name for 'lead glass crystal' that is cut by Swarovski's patented cutting machine

Mohs Scale of Hardness

Gemandi Crystals: 8.5 - 9 (genuine diamonds rank at a 10)

Swarovski Crystals: 6 - 7 (susceptible to scratches)


Gemandi Crystals: refracts light similar to a diamond

Swarovski Crystals: less refractive than Zirconia (stated in their own FAQ)

Band Metals

Gemandi: Brass 3x dipped in 14k gold (Gemandi proprietary plating technique) | Sterling Silver Options | Vermeil Options

Swarovski: Silver, gold, or rhodium plated brass | Sterling Silver Options