Gemandi designers specialize in top grade crystals and create one of a kind pieces for everyday wear! Designing with crystals allows us to play with an infinite amount of colors, cuts, shapes and effects, which create unique and sustainable pieces. Our designers are guided by trends, but powered by creativity and curiosity that ultimately results in our iconic jewelry


Our gemstones are crafted by the best stone cutters and are polished like diamonds would be. We use 5A grade stones, which are top of the line crystals, in every peice and hand set with precision and detail. New designs varying in cuts, color and size are continuously explored to make pieces that are on trend and exquisite in quality.


Plating in gold (when done professionally) can be just as beautiful as solid gold, while allowing us to offer jewelry at affordable prices! We use semi-precious metals (brass or silver) to craft our rings. The true beauty of our rings come from our proprietary plating technique, where we 3x dip the base in 14k gold.

All 14k gold isn’t created equally, as we blend the best alloys for each color (white, yellow, rose, black). Our plating achieves 5 microns of gold thickness, where industry average is just 1 micron. Because of this, our jewelry will keep it’s beauty longer than any other non-fine jewelry brand.