Proprietary Plating Technique Crafted by Our Jewelers

Plating doesn't have to be cheap, most companies just choose to be cheap about it. Gemandi jewelers invested years of R&D to craft a better process

3 Rounds of Thicker, Higher Quality Plating

Each round is a different process that serves a specific purpose. Every Gemandi piece is finished with at least 5 micron thickness of high quality 14k gold: 5x the industry average for plating

Polished & Sealed

For extra protection, we use an advanced sealing technique. This keeps the beauty of the gold lasting for years with proper jewelry care

Unrivaled Beauty, Wearability, Longevity

Our jewelry pieces are designed & crafted as we would fine jewelry pieces, just without the high cost of pure gold & diamonds. We're so confident in our quality that we offer lifetime quality coverage. If any issues arise, we'll re-plate, reset crystals, or even replace your Gemandi piece for life ❤️

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